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Dracula Themed Blood Donation

encourage more people to donate blood
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Blood donation is one of the greatest gifts anyone can make, and the blood banks are always looking for ways to encourage more contributors, so here's my idea to give it more appeal: Give it a theme that makes it fun and a bit sexy, that theme being suitably vampiristic in style.

Blood donation sessions would take place amidst the trappings of a vampire's lair, with the patients being attended to by androgenous gothic wenches, accompanied by a background of spooky "B" movie music. After giving blood, respite would be offered in plush lined coffins, with souvenir photographs documenting the event.

Donors would then be further rewarded with a new style badge featuring the twin teeth of the Count himself, or they could choose to receive a free tattoo from an appropriately designed selection on offer. Give more blood; get more tattoos.

xenzag, Aug 17 2011

//the Count himself// http://images.wikia.../3c/CT-p0001-ST.jpg
[calum, Aug 17 2011]

Draculatte https://sodabred.tu...ected-to-an-idea-by
[xenzag, Feb 02 2021]


       [+] except for the androgynous modifier.
FlyingToaster, Aug 17 2011

       Androgyny is cool and affords universal appeal.
xenzag, Aug 17 2011

       I see how this might provide a "rebranding" to the traditional and (some would say) boring world of blood donation, what with all of the tedious medical professionalism that entails.   

       To (yes, you guessed it) take the idea and fly with it, why not go the whole bat and have Pirate-themed Urology departments, Circus-based Fertility Clinics, Mummy/Ancient-Egypt-styled A&E wards and WWI Flying-Ace inspired Gynaecologists. That would be pretty funny too, right?   

       And why limit it to the world of medicine? Public Service as a whole may well benefit from the same concept: Let's have all members of the house of lords turn up in Groucho Marx costumes, Parliamentarians can sport the regalia and affects of that famous variety Trio, Wilson, Keppel and Betty. The police could dress-up as lobsters, judges as 1930's screen sirens, and teachers, council-workers and other public servants could all be made to wear traditional national dress from one of a selection of state-sanctioned foreign nations.   

       Each adding a little fun and sexyness to what might otherwise be mundane service offerings.   

       Again, tattoos optional (One would hope) go to school, get more tattoos.
zen_tom, Aug 17 2011

       + garlic refreshments afterwards!
xandram, Aug 17 2011

       Being approached by a tall, cadaverous stranger with unusually prominent canine teeth, clad in evening dress and a red-lined opera cloak, is actually considerably less frightening than being accosted by some (apparently) fourteen-year-old in a white coat with a stethoscope, thermometer and pen-light who keeps surreptitiously referring to lecture notes when they think they're not being watched.
8th of 7, Aug 17 2011

       Yes, let us fill the blood banks with the blood of goths, emos, and film-school nerds, for surely they are the purest of us all.
Alterother, Aug 17 2011

       Was thinking that "trans-al-vein-ia" would be a good name.
xenzag, Aug 17 2011

       //surreptitiously referring to lecture notes//   

       [8th of 7] Was that before, or after the prostate exam? (If they do it afterwards, it's a bad sign.)
mouseposture, Aug 17 2011

       The only thing worse is when they keep calling other doctors in to take a look, but they won't tell you why.
Alterother, Aug 18 2011

       No, the thing worse than that is where they call in other doctors and nurses and won't say why, but it's clear they're all trying desperately not to giggle.
8th of 7, Sep 19 2012

       Ha - I started reading this before realising I had posted it!
xenzag, Sep 19 2012

       I was thinking as I read the title - hmmmm, seems a bit familiar... what a stupidly obvious idea - now why didn't I think of it?
xenzag, Sep 19 2012

       It is, however, fairly close.
8th of 7, Sep 19 2012

       GROG like. [+]   

       I can see an eventual Showdown at the OK Corral with one of these guys facing down a guy in a giant mosquito suit, and a fat guy strapped to a gurney in the middle between both of them.
Grogster, Sep 19 2012

       "One ounces, twooo ounces, threee ounces ... fifteeen ounces, sixteeen ounces, ahahaha!"
Laughs Last, Sep 20 2012

       Now featuring "after donation" reviving drink. (see link for illustration)
xenzag, Feb 02 2021


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