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DVD-ROM Compatible Set Top DVD Player

All the DVD-ROM goodness on your set top player.
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Quite a few DVD movies feature DVD-ROM accessable content. Ranging from just single weblinks to actual informative content such as script to screen comparisons, storyboards and in one DVD's case, a replication of an "Iraqi assmap", these add varying degrees to added value to DVD movies.

Unfortunately many of us don't have DVD-ROMs. Or even a computer.

Sure, you could say to just buy a DVD-ROM, however for various reasons this can't be done, or bothered.

So how about replacing the DVD internal programming with a Windows based equivalent that not only will replicate various DVD functions, but on optional boot-up allows you to access DVD-ROM features.

Of course some features can't be access this way at all (e.g. weblinks, applications), but for most this will provide some extra entertainment.

mrkillboy, Jun 28 2001


       While this does sound like a good idea, I don't much fancy having to reboot my tv every time I want to change the channel. Microsoft on my computer is bad enough.
megalodon, Jun 28 2001

       This is more or less the much-ballyhooed Set Top Box which was going to bring about the Digital Convergence. I'm not convinced it's actually a good idea; although the electronics in a DVD player are similar to those in a general-purpose computer, the mode of use is entirely different.   

       This would be an almost perfect use of Java, though: embeddable, architecture-independent, etc., etc.. Unfortunately we're more likely to get some sort of XBox-WebTV monstrosity...
wiml, Jun 28 2001


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