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Personal Portable Blu-Ray Player

Enjoy your blu-rays in all their glory, without disturbing others!
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Essentially, this is a marrying of three (sort of) existing products. HD glasses with earbuds built in, connected via mini-HDMI to a Sony Walkman CD player-like housing, which contains the components and software of a portable Blu-ray player. Obviously, it will not need a built-in display (since the glasses will act as the display).

At the least, this allows private viewing of Blu-rays and DVDs in full HD (as they were intended). Ideally, each lens could have the ability to display different images, enabling an incredible 3D experience.

See below for links to the three existing products mentioned above.

jc112704, Jun 11 2012

HD Display Glasses http://www.zetronix...8xrACFUFo4AodlFdjXA
Glasses with an HD display and earbuds built in. [jc112704, Jun 11 2012]

Sony Walkman CD Player http://www.amazon.c...+cd+player+portable
This would act as the housing and have all of the controls on it. [jc112704, Jun 11 2012]

Portable Blu-ray Player http://www.amazon.c...able+blu-ray+player
This would provide the hardware/software necessary. (Use a comparable 3D model for 3D viewing). [jc112704, Jun 11 2012]


       [+] for effort :D, but you could do that with a minimal amount of duct-tape right now by tossing the screen off a portable blu-ray player and running the power through hdmi to the glasses.
FlyingToaster, Jun 11 2012

       But what about the 3rd dimension? and how can you wear it on your head?
erenjay, Jun 11 2012

       There's only one reason why this isn't already on the market: Sony still has exclusive control over Blu-Ray technology, and they're not about to let go of it. They learned their lesson with Betamax. They're very, very conservative in deciding who gets to do what with Blu-Ray; that's why there aren't any ultra-cheap knockoffs yet, and why you can't play a Blu-Ray in your Xbox or your laptop, and why there aren't any minivans with fold-down Blu-Ray players for the kiddies (which are also the primary reasons why so many Blu-Ray discs are packaged with DVD copies).   

       If Sony wasn't playing so close to the chest, I'm certain this would be on the shelf at your local B€$T BU¥.
Alterother, Jun 11 2012

       I think the price of the glasses is going to be the really big problem.   

       The video glasses guys aren't doing themselves any favours sales-wise. I went to the shop near me to see how good the Vuzix 1200 are, price 50,000 Yen (£407.37).   

       Call me strange if you will, but I asked to try them first and they said "no".   

       This is a repeat. I tried another maker 4 years ago and they say I could try them, but only after I had paid for them by credit card.   

       If they don't let people try, then they aren't going to get the bulk sales, which would allow them to bring the prices down...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 11 2012

       //how can you wear it on your head?// It's all about balance.
FlyingToaster, Jun 12 2012

       //It's all about balance.   

       You're going for the African/Indian lady water-pot on head balancing thing?
not_morrison_rm, Jun 12 2012

       ^ like a mortarboard cap for those not equipped with years of practise or a flat enough head.   

       The sports model would be elastic cloth bands which incorporate the glasses' lenses/earbuds as well.   

       Inevitable really: wearing it on the pate minimizes the wire length requirement, if wires are needed at all: the unit could just fold up. Too bad DVDs don't have a bigger hole in the middle: the resulting cap could be modelled in the style of a New Yorker bagel-cap or even the ever popular donut toque.
FlyingToaster, Jun 12 2012


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