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Movie SD card dvd player

Video format movies onto SD Cards and have a player for them.
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By putting movie formats on SD chips instead of DVD's or even now Blue ray. the SD chips are already becoming cheaper and cheaper to produce and in the near future should be cost effective to put movies onto. Now they could be used for Music CDs since they don't need as large of SD memory. You can buy 1GB memory chips online for just a few dollars at retail, so in bulk they could probably be purchased at a fraction of that already.

I think its beneficial because they don't damage as easily as Discs, and there much more compact and easier to carry around. the drives for them are cheap and much smaller and lighter as well. A SD card player could be the size of a match box.

ghostlandseller, Jul 09 2008

Creative Zen http://uk.europe.cr...y=214&product=16999
[coprocephalous, Jul 09 2008]

Watch out, I got flogged for suggesting games be sold on Flash Drives Games_20sold_20on_20Flash_20Drives
[simonj, Jul 10 2008]


       You mean like a Creative Zen [linky]?
This takes SD cards and plays back movies.
It's about the size of a large matchbox, but without the useful sandpaper strip.
coprocephalous, Jul 09 2008

       I would want this to play on my TV.
nomocrow, Jul 09 2008

       // without the useful sandpaper strip. //   

       That seems a curious and inexplicable omisssion. How do you get the matches to strike ?
8th of 7, Jul 09 2008

       Not merely inexplicable, but inexcusable.
coprocephalous, Jul 09 2008

       My old Sharp Zaurus had an accessory (~$400) that I never got, which would convert any input into an MP4 formatted for the Zaurus screen and stored it on CF cards. Since all this is now reasonably old tech, you can probably pick all the parts up cheap. And MAN can you get huge CF cards now.   

       The other thing is there is software that will RIP a DVD for your iPod. I did that for my boss and he amazed his travel companions with Patton playing on a 2.5" screen.   

       There are also some apps that will let you watch your home TV & DVR on your phone.   

       So I'd say this is baked.
MisterQED, Jul 09 2008

       // without the useful sandpaper strip. //   

       That strip is actually a type of sulfur that is a component to the type of sulfur on the matches. The combination of the sulfur compounds ignite a fire. Not just a rough sandpaper surface alone.
Jscotty, Jul 09 2008

       The price could be significantly reduced if the movies were on ROM cards rather than ordinary rewritable SD cards.
Bukkakinator, Jul 10 2008

       //That strip is actually a type of sulfur //
[checks box of Swan Vestas] Nope, that strip is actually sandpaper. Silica, not sulphur.
coprocephalous, Jul 10 2008

       //sulfur// I think you mean phosphorus. The sulphur is all in the match head.
spidermother, Feb 02 2011

       At Christmas, my Grandfather always used to amaze us with a box of giant matches.
pocmloc, Feb 02 2011

       Who'd have thought [8th_of_7], of all people, preferred safety matches to the other kind?
mouseposture, Feb 02 2011

       How d'you figure that, [mouseposture]? The talk was of sandpaper.
coprocephalous, Feb 02 2011

       Real Men strike their Swan Vestas on their boot, zip, or stubble.
pocmloc, Feb 02 2011

       [coprocephalous] //How do you get the matches to strike ?// is only a problem with safety matches, which, as [JScotty] pointed out are designed to be struck on that strip of sandpaper and nowhere else (except I think it's phosphorous, not sulphur). With strike-anywhere matches, as [pocmloc] pointed out, you don't need the sandpaper. I figured [8th] would object on principle to pyrotechnics that are deliberately made difficult to ignite in the interests of safety.
mouseposture, Feb 03 2011

       //is only a problem with safety matches, which, as [JScotty] pointed out are designed to be struck on that strip of sandpaper //
I think you may have misunderstood the "safety" bit in "safety matches". Because they are "safe", they don't strike on sandpaper.
coprocephalous, Feb 03 2011

       Sorry for going on-topic, but rather unsurprisingly, yesterday i stuck a mini-SD card with a video on it into a card reader, stuck the reader into the USB slot on a DVD player, and it played. A card reader built into a DVD player would make it even bakeder.   

       However, i very much like the idea of no moving parts and optical disc drives are very annoying, so dispensing with the mechanical bits of a DVD player would be the grooviest.
nineteenthly, Feb 03 2011

       An SD card is getting some wear on the contacts every time you slide it in and out, but probably not enough to keep you from watching a movie until your head explodes.   

       This reminds me of the time I went around trying to buy one of those MP3 players that you could stick a thumb-drive into. Turned out they didn't exist--it was just so obvious a thing to make that I assumed it existed. I got scoffed at for wanting such a thing, now my phone plays music off a mini-SD chip. So bun for this.
baconbrain, Feb 03 2011

       So [Ian], if i chose to make a short porn video and post it out to people on SD cards, that would make it baked?
nineteenthly, Feb 03 2011

       QR code? Otherwise it's effectively impossible without packaging.
nineteenthly, Feb 03 2011

nineteenthly, Feb 03 2011


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