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Manual drawer crank

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Every DVD and blu-ray player I've seen (with the exception of portables) loads via an electrically driven tray or into a slot on the front of the machine. While it allows you to put stuff on top of the player in the cabinet, it requires power to eject the disk. Why is that a problem? Well, if you need to, say, return a rental movie, but your power is out that whole day, you're going to end up with an overdue fee (if your video store does that-blockbuster stopped doing that- so this idea, itself may be overdue :)

The more likely problem these days with the proliferation of netflix and blockbuster stopping late fees- say you just bought a new Blu-ray player, and your old DVD player ended up in the basement or garage, far from an outlet-but you left a disk in there! so you have to take the thing off the shelf and carry it to an outlet just to get your disk out!

So, as the title suggests, DVD/blu ray players should simply have a crank or knob that MECHANICALLY opens the drawer or kicks the disk out of the slot. Simple.

Dickcheney6, Feb 22 2009

EHow: How to eject a stuck DVD/CD drive http://www.ehow.com...ck-dvdcd-drive.html
The mechanism phundug remembers. [jutta, Feb 22 2009]

My solution Top-loading_20everything
This seems to be baked in portable DVD players now. [nineteenthly, Feb 22 2009]


       Tray bein.   

       Why can't they have a hole next to the tray, like in old floppy disk drives, that you stick a paperclip into if you need an emergency eject?
phundug, Feb 22 2009

       They haven't all got holes. This laptop hasn't, for example, and one of the drives on the desktop PC downstairs lacks it. I still prefer my solution, because a little hole doesn't give so strong a hint as a flap on top with a handle on it.
nineteenthly, Feb 22 2009

       As ninteteenthly so concisely states, not all drives have paperclip holes-and they are generally only on computers, and not even all computers have them. I've never seen a music CD player or DVD player with a "paper clip hole" so the "paperclip trick" does not apply to those!
Dickcheney6, Feb 22 2009

       Good idea/bad user name.
blissmiss, Feb 22 2009


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