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DVD Menu Hyperlink Color

The links that have been used are a different color from the links that have not ben used..
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This maybe a marginal improvement in the DVD technology per se but it has a huge numbing on the irritation aspect. I find DVD's today have more and more menus:

Specials Directors note Producers talk during movie - on, off Deleted scenes…


I enjoy the special features but when I am done with one segment I cannot remember which one to see next because I can’t remember the names of segments (Pursuing the Suspects & Keyser Soze, Lie or Legend). So i play a guessing game and just try what I think is new (I know this happens only when one is looking at segments in a non organized way... but that’s how its most fun anyway).

Now if the links would be a different color when I have used them and a different color when I have not used them it would make my life a little better.

nomadic_wonderer, Feb 04 2004




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