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One DVD Two Movies

His n Hers DVD's that you watch at the same time.
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Its always the same, I want to watch The Terminator, my other half wants to watch Notting Hill (again)..

So, how about DVD's with two movies, you wear special glasses and surround sound headphones. The DVD plays one frame at a time, alternating between the two movies, your glasses are synched to the player, so you only see and hear your own movie, and she only sees hers. So you can comfortably avoid the arguments about what movie you watch first.

Micky Dread, Dec 04 2003

Double TV http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Double_20TV
seems redundant with this idea by [snarfyguy] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

You can get one for $30 if you are willing to risk your life http://portland.ind...003/11/275654.shtml
woman trampled in walmart DVD scramble of death. [ato_de, Oct 04 2004]


       Maybe you could sinc it up so that whenever she is crying her heart out, you are bursting into fits of convulsive laughter...   

       Though toilet breaks could be an issue.. And the really horny bits could be a bit weird as well...   

       And if she suddenly starts getting snipets of your film, and Arnie comes in and shoots the shit out of Hugh Grant...well that could be a bonus.... cwasoint!!
Supercruiser, Dec 04 2003

       Surely while you're watching your DVD on the big screen in the lounge, she would be watching the portable TV in the Kitchen while she cooks your tea? Only joking! This would be better implemented on the TV than a DVD as this problem arises just as often when you want to watch different TV programmes.
dobtabulous, Dec 04 2003

       There are TV sets that can do two equal-sized pictures at once. Sony made one that would feed the sound from one picture over wireless headphones so two people could watch two shows at once. You can get DVD players for US $35 now, so get a second player and hook it up. See linked idea for more discussion about dual image TVs.   

       For movies that are in the widest widescreen formats (2.35 : 1), and a standard format screen (4 : 3), you might be able to squeeze the two images one on top of the other with no black bars. (Actually you'd lose 12% of the height of each).
krelnik, Dec 04 2003

       I would really like to hate this idea because it strikes me as antisocial and unhealthy for a couple to spend time “together” by watching different movies. On the other hand, I have no problem with a couple sitting together and reading separate books.
AO, Dec 04 2003

       Nice idea.   

       Perhaps you could go one further and actively film the two films together to synchronise. Then you could screen them to mismatched couples in the cinema as well.
This would have a significant knock-on benefit for cinemas; they could show more films and simultaniously have less wasted seat-capacity.

       On the down-side, the image quality would be reduced. And the DVD format would have to be changed or the compression would be ruined.
Loris, Jun 16 2006

       If they each get their own headphones and special glasses, then why not just give 'em each their own pair of those glasses with two little screens in them.   

       I think it should be a special DVD player that can play two separate DVDs at once. Or a special TV that can show two separate inputs at once.
BJS, Jun 16 2006

       SEARS was selling DVD players for $25 plus tax.
BJS, Jun 16 2006


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