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Dangerously Stupid Wall Chess

chess played by two teams on a wall
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Dangerously Stupid Wall Chess is played by two teams of 16 on a large checkerboard wall.

The chess pieces are about the size of small bar stools and must be held in place against the wall by the players. To acheive this feat, there are step ladders and an over head gantry from which ropes can be strung. To visualise this, imagine a magnetic chess board being placed against a wall. Now imagine the pieces have no magnets and must be held against the board to stop them from falling off. Now scale that up in size.

The orientation of the board is left to right play, but the adventurous can attempt a top to bottom version.

To move a piece, instructions are shouted to the team who must move then hold the piece in its new position and manoeuvre around their own team and the players of the other team. If a piece is dropped by either team, it is 'lost'.

As the game progresses, it gets less chaotic but initially it's quite a struggle as the pieces cross the board.

The ultra daring can play this version of chess half way up the side of a building or a cliff face.

xenzag, Sep 24 2021


       Sounds incredibly cumbersome, fraught with great injury potential and possible loss of life. Destined to become an Olympic event.   

whatrock, Sep 24 2021

       Surely the prefix "Dangerously Stupid..." is redundant for a Halfbakery idea?
hippo, Sep 24 2021

       It's a type of disclaimer. I had thought of Twister For Climbers some time ago, but added in the chess pieces.
xenzag, Sep 24 2021


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