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cube farm chess

we're all really just pawns anyway...
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You're sitting in your cubical, bored and trying to avoid working when suddenly over the office intercom you hear "Knight to Queen's pawn 3" Nothing happens for a moment and then you belatedly realize: This means you! So, you gather up your stapler, pencils and calculator and move two cubicals up and one over and prepare to do battle with the occupant of your new office! Luckily, this time the cube is empty (owing to the last set of layoffs) so you get on with avoiding work, but next time...
elfling, Mar 21 2005


       "...so I made it to the other end of the office and got promoted!"
hippo, Mar 22 2005

       I wouldn't like to go against my dads boss. If he walks to work every day, why does my dads' boss look like Jabba the Hut?
froglet, Mar 22 2005

       Cheque and mate.   


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