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Indifferent Game

for kids and Professor Pete
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Find 12 similarities in the two panels. Click below and look for similar lines and forms.
FarmerJohn, Jul 08 2003

Click here. http://www.geocitie...ie/indifferent.html
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Inspired. +
saker, Jul 08 2003

       Obligatory umop apisdn Post. +
thumbwax, Jul 08 2003

       only 12?
po, Jul 08 2003

       What [saker] said - absolutely inspired.
PeterSilly, Jul 08 2003

       I'm having trouble finding an image that looks like 2.5 croissants... I'm sure I'll find it soon...
Jinbish, Jul 08 2003

DrBob, Jul 08 2003

       Odd but brilliant. and what exactly is umop apisdn [thumbwax]? I've seen it in other annos too.
squeak, Jul 08 2003

       [squeak] - turn your terminal upside down and you might see what this says, upside down. Have I given you enough clues as to what this reads - UPSIDE DOWN?
btw - excellent idea - antlike croissant for you FJ
goff, Jul 08 2003

       Just adorable, as usual! 2 similar-looking croissants for you.
phundug, Jul 08 2003

       Ahh, the autoboner hath no heart...
saker, Jul 08 2003

       Isn't this a baked idea? (Admittedly baked by thy good self, but baked none the less). Semantics aside, it's pretty good.' Hours and hours of endless fun, for all the family !'
Although it has to be said, if the entire family were involved, it would probably be more along the lines of ' Approximately 45 seconds of endless fun, immediately degenerating into at least 15 minutes of frenzied pushing aside of other family members, turning-umop apisdn of the monitor, general brawling and in the case of at least one participant, lingering behind after everyone else has gone to (using permanent marker) circle, and draw wiggly connecting lines between, the corresponding features...'
Great sales pitch, that.
blueturtle, Apr 17 2004


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