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Dark web 2

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Dark web 2

Folinng my last idea (even I have forgotten it)

I decided to make a Dark web, bypassing the original due to lack of comms security.

Basically, nation states can monitor almost any comms, so I suggest a really secure system, running on string.

If you want to do Dark web, get a paper cup, long piece of string, with a paper cup on the end. The prototype shows its good for 50 ft.

As the network grows repeaters (Mynah birds) propagate the signal for peanuts and water, sales of guano might give the location, but nothing is perfect.

not_morrison_rm, Apr 06 2021

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photophone [a1, Apr 06 2021]


       This would be point-to-point communication only, not a network or "web" in any currently used sense.   

       And even point-to-point cup & string are not immune to eavesdropping. Someone could bounce lasers off of the cups and/or strings and turn reflections back into an audio signal. Though that sounds like modern spy tech, the idea goes back to the 19th century. Even without lasers, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated a light-based "Photophone" in 1880 - a cup and string phone, but with no strings attached.
a1, Apr 06 2021

       You could enclose the string in a pipe or tube to prevent such eavesdropping. Perhaps sellotaping used toilet roll centres together end to end.   

       I hardly think that it is a sensible suggestion to suggest a light-based solution for making a dark web.
pocmloc, Apr 06 2021

       Concur - a dark web should be run underground, exclusively by and for moles.
a1, Apr 06 2021

       I for one want to make a social media account where I only post in code and subscribers have to buy a one time pad to understand my tweets.
sninctown, Apr 15 2021

       There's nothing stopping you from doing that now, [sninctown], except you need some way to persuade some subscribers that they want to hear what you have to say.   

       If you drop the right hints, maybe intelligence services will be your first customers.
pertinax, Apr 15 2021


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