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Darth Vader bikehelmet!

The ultimate traffic intimidation tool
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Darth Vader scuba mask? Duhh! A Darth Vader motor helmet! Thats what bikers need. Your bike battery powers the power amplfier and speakers on your bike to transmit your terrifying breathstrokes to all drivers in the vincinity. Do not underestimate the power of the force, motherfuckers! (your black robe flying in the wind) This would almost certainly have saved me from a most unfortunate accident in a small Swiss town near Neuchatel, (the result of reduced visibility) or else I would have crashed in style (I was fine by the way, thank you).
Ehrm, Sep 27 2005

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       Sort of the same principle as pirate ideas.
Eugene, Sep 27 2005

       Sort of the same principle as pirate ideas.
Eugene, Sep 27 2005

       Sort of the same principle as pirate ideas.
contracts, Sep 27 2005

       "Luke, I am your father."
DrCurry, Sep 28 2005

       Echo. Blatant blatant echo.
hidden truths, Sep 28 2005

       A friend's brother once went to the Star Wars premiere on a motorcycle dressed as Darth Vader. His fried was driving, dressed as the emperor. Must of looked rather strange.
discontinuuity, Sep 28 2005

       Echo. Avoids [m-f-d] by being better than the original.
wagster, Sep 28 2005


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