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Should have probably posted this a month ago but...
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Only 326 days remaining til next Halloween.

I propose a mask-less mask.
A real time recorder/projector clipped to the brim of a hat programmed to Deepfake another persons' face onto your own.

Sure you could look like your favourite celebrity but wouldn't you rather look like Davie Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean with tentacles writhing all over the place?

Google test https://www.google....o+a+person%27s+face
But you can’t stick it in your hat - yet [a1, Dec 10 2021]

This is a good link https://www.wired.c...turn-leopard-robot/
[a1, Dec 10 2021]

An earlier concept on HB Animated_20Tattoos
[a1, Dec 10 2021]

And ressurected recently Animated_20Tattoo
[a1, Dec 10 2021]

Cosmetic light Cosmetic_20light
I predicted this would be big in the 2020s [tatterdemalion, Dec 12 2021]


       [+] Some thoughts…   

       Will have to be aimed carefully to avoid the eyes.   

       How far out does the brim extend? if it’s too long it might spoil the effect, too short and you’ll get weird shadows from nose and cheekbones.   

       Using the Google test I mentioned elsewhere, the search phrase “project iamges onto a person's face” does turn up some interesting prior art, but you still get the bun for imagining it built into a hat. Right now it seems to take a roomful of equipment.
a1, Dec 10 2021


       I thought this up years ago but forgot about it. I recently unpacked my jotted down idea title list.

       You've been warned mortals.   

       Excellent. [++] A baseball cap could be used to house the backwardky pointing projector.
xenzag, Dec 10 2021

       // thought this up years ago but forgot about it //   

       Short memory, or just poor at connecting related ideas? Your concept immediately made me think of animated tattoos using lasers or projectors - something discussed on HB more than once. As far back as 2001, and as recently as a few months ago. You commented on the recent one.   

       But like I said, you get a bun for sticking it in a hat and using it for customery.
a1, Dec 10 2021

       //Short memory, or just poor at connecting related ideas?//   

       Well... I try to scribble idea names down when I have them and so there's a few sheets of foolscap covered in what appears to be gibberish to anyone but me that got packed away when we moved and I found it the other day. I had forgotten about this one.   

       Some of what is written on those pages is now gibberish to me as well because I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I wrote them down.
I'm certain they were absolutely brilliant though and if I continue to be unable to remember them their loss will undoubtedly be a detriment to all of humanity.

       Undoubtedly! I weep for humanity myself when I consider all of the things I failed to write down or couldn't read after the drugs wore off.
a1, Dec 10 2021

       You let them wear off?   

       Well see there's your problem right there.   

       It's not really "wearing off." It's more a matter of cycling between the uppers, downers, and dissociatives. Wouldn't want to become habituated to any specific class of pharmaceuticals.
a1, Dec 10 2021

       Huh, for me it's just beer for the melatonin and sativa to keep the old pineal gland decalcified.
...or at least that's what I tell myself.


       I saw that on a novelty licence plate last night.
pertinax, Dec 11 2021

       What?... muhahahahaha?   

       I once saw a bumper sticker that stumped me and I would randomly remember it for years before it finally dawned on me what it said.   

       There was an icon of an eye, and icon of a heart, followed by EX-WIFE, then a pine tree icon, and then a G clef music symbol.   

       When I suddenly clued in to the translation my maniacal laughter without any context whatsoever rather startled the occupants of the vehicle I was driving at the time.   

       Any guesses?   

       I'm going to guess that "EX-WIFE" in this case is a kind of reverse- rebus, so that you swap in a rude word alongside two other elements (fir - key? tree - clef?) to make a longer word showing what the driver loves.   

       Is that on the right track?
pertinax, Dec 11 2021

       Oh, wait. I got it; two words, not one long one.
pertinax, Dec 11 2021

       It 'is' rude, but made me laugh out loud when I got it.   

       And yes, the novelty licence plate really did say ... I think it was "muahahaha". In this state, the government seems pretty relaxed about what you put on your licence plate, so long as it's unique on their registry.
pertinax, Dec 11 2021


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