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clear surgical mask

see through surgical mask
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Just checking the spelling of seethrough or see through google completed "seethr" to "see through mask" and resulted with theclearmask.com

So the idea has been baked before I half posted it!

pashute, Oct 23 2020

http://theclearmask.com [pashute, Oct 23 2020]


       (+) still... if you thought of it before you saw evidence that it exists.   

       Since "Plague Doctor" beaked masks have made a comeback in a few places recently (tho more of a protest symbol than anything else) ... is there a market opportunity for a Ku Klux KlansMask ? Pointy white hat/mask with eyeholes ? Certainly fulfills (and exceeds) the requirement for "compulsory face covering" ...
8th of 7, Oct 23 2020

       Call me picky, but a transparent mask is more of a liability being   

       1) damn hard to find   


       2) people would bug you at the supermarket, because you look like you aren't wearing a mask
not_morrison_rm, Oct 24 2020

       It's also less useful to ugly people.
8th of 7, Oct 24 2020

       Speaking from experience I imagine?
tatterdemalion, Oct 24 2020

       Merely observation of the behaviour of humans. The Borg have very different aesthetic standards.
8th of 7, Oct 24 2020


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