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Data Derepeaterizer

Make data entry more reliable and efficient through randomizing, games and other distractions.
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Data entry is difficult, miserable work, and its very repetitive nature often leads to data entry errors. However, a clever data entry application could change all of that by adding color, humor, and brain teasers to the data enterer's experience.

On level one, the Data Derepeaterizer would simply change the order of entry fields every so often to keep the entry specialist's mind sharp. Level two offers the entry a simple video game distraction for five minutes each hour. Level three offers rewards in the form of longer games for proficient data entry (each one promptly terminating when the Data Derepeaterizer decides its time to get back to work).

Other distractions the Data Derepeaterizer could introduce to the entry specialist's experience include trivia, bizarre news items, and motivational sayings. The Data Derepeaterizer could easily be programmed to "imprint" itself onto the personality of the entry specialist and automatically tailor itself to the employee's motivational needs. Why should data entry be drudgery when we have the technology to turn it into an exciting, randomized, multimedia experience?

Symbiant, Feb 05 2002


       In the early days of the Computer Revolution, repetetive and mindless work such as this was given to small children to complete. Whereas the children of today have quite a lot of time to play soccer and watch television, families of the past were often supported by the strenuous efforts of their multiple offspring who slaved away at keypads in what were colloquially called "data dungeons." And the work was not without its dangers. It is estimated that around 42% of these children were incapacitated by repetetive strain injuries by the time they reached their teens. Some experts think this number to be low, however, as the prevalent work ethic of early 1970's America did not easily allow mild pain or numbness to be an excuse for slacking.   

       So, baked. What? That's not what this idea is about? This never happened? Well, damn, then! Perhaps this is the solution!
Guncrazy, Feb 05 2002

       Changing the order of the data fields would result in lots of lost work time because you would have to go back and fix all the mistakes caused by it. One gets into a rhythm when doing things like this, and suddenly changing the field breaks that.
StarChaser, Feb 05 2002

       And how would the application offer "longer games for proficient data entry" as there's no way to verify the data was entered correctly as the data hasn't been entered yet?
phoenix, Feb 05 2002


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