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Self inflating tent cubicle enclosure.
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Reacts much like a life vest and/or raft. The device is strapped to alternate ends of the cubicle via Velcro or fastener of choice. When activated it inflates with the same force as an automobile safety airbag, instantly creating a protective cocoon that is impervious to toxic agents like fumes, annoying co-workers, and ideas. The CubicleTent can be engaged both manually and automatically depending on the environment. If a sudden vacuum is formed through severe idea/creativity loss the CubicleTent is deployed creating a safe haven until the dangerous condition has subsided. The CubicleTent comes with a standard air freshener, patch kit, and 5 month warranty (void after early termination). With an optional oxygen scrubber (NASA technology) the CubicleTent can sustain a life for up to an 8 hour work day (must have a life first). The Cubicle Tent is being engineered to fit the new CubicleExpress anti-personnel ejector seat.
Notch252, May 04 2004




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