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Cubicle Spigot

Beverages on tap while you work
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Workplaces already already have lots of conduit run throughout --carrying network cables, HVAC, old pneumatic-tube message systems, etc.-- so why not run some rubber tubing inside the existing conduit system to carry bevvies right to my desk?

More progressive workplaces might consider beer taps; some might go for piping hot coffee; at the least, you could please most with hot water.

Yes, I'm that lazy.

MrWrong, Aug 31 2001


       So am I.
March Hare, Aug 31 2001

       Not all offices have old pneumatic tubes <which are something I really loved...As a kid, I'd bug my mother to go through the drive through at the bank to see them work...>, but it shouldn't be too difficult to run water tubes.   

       I'd prefer cold to hot, though.
StarChaser, Sep 01 2001

       If we could make those tubes a bit bigger, and people (much) smaller, then we would have an excellent transport system! But in lieu of that, I say we pass around small meals via this pneumatic tube system -- say hot-dogs, small slices of pizza. We could bring laziness up to a whole new level. ... and someday, if we really don't apply ourselves, we could even win the gold medal of laziness (when laziness is introduced to the olympics).   

       Who's with me?
pathetic, Sep 01 2001

       It's not so much laziness as not having time. I get half an hour for lunch, which is barely enough time to get across the street to the mall, order and get something, and get back to my desk. Now I don't have any free time to eat. If something is ordered, we have time; this would make it easier to 'order'.
StarChaser, Sep 01 2001

       I must say that I worked in Cubicleville for a long time, and frankly, you just gotta get out of there. If you spend too much time in a cubicle, your brain starts to melt and you start thinking that things like sports utility vehicles, mini-mansions, and excessively expensive clothing are a good idea. So, get out . . . get out, and take a walk, and get a beverage. A beer might not hurt.
vecini2, Jun 11 2002

       One word: Replicators !
8th of 7, Jun 12 2002

       We don't use that word because it's magic technology that doesn't exist.
StarChaser, Jun 13 2002

       [vecini2] The more time I spend wandering around getting beverages, the more time I have to spend at work. If I can get through a day with one fewer distraction, I have a hope of getting out of here in the requisite eight hours.   

       *Then* it's time for beer with my friends.
MrWrong, Jun 14 2002

       The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas has "hundreds" of liquor bottles in one area (?basement?), and great lengths of hoses running to the bartenders in completely different areas of the building, so the JoyJuice comes out of a gun, through the hidden hoses under the floors and in between the walls. This would be possible. (okay maybe not ALL liquor; we could have cola, orange juice, water, etc. on there too) If my office can put a 4" diameter bundle of computer & telephone cables in my cubicle without really being seen unless you crawl under my desk, why not a couple of those beverage hoses too!
Mamamoose, Jun 27 2003

       **baked** i had a friend that worked at the advertising firm that created spuds mackenzie for budweiser. They had a full bar at work. (helps creativity)
thejini, Jan 30 2004


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