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Cubicle Windows/Doors

Cubicle Windows/Doors
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The funny thing is I just thought of this while looking at the categories. I actually had another idea. But the idea is to have like one way window/doors that are approximately 1x1 feet that can only be opened only if latches on both sides are dislodged. The reasoning behind the idea is so that a person working on his cubicle does not have to stand to address the person on the other side (whether to conversate about Chandra Levy or pass stationary items).
picassosinatra, Jul 10 2001

Cubicle Doors http://www.halfbake...ea/www.cubedoor.com
Cubicle Doors - Let them know you are BUSY [ucanbakeonagrill, Oct 04 2004]


       Why is the window/door one way? (or another)
MuddDog, Jul 10 2001

       what about stationery? do those move by themselves or are they generally stationary?
lewisgirl, Jul 10 2001

       how about those doors made of chains or beads,strung from a bar on top,so they could pass objects,however this might be annoying
technobadger, Jul 10 2001

       'Conversate' is good though.
angel, Jul 11 2001

       The Dilbert store has inflatable cubicle doors...
StarChaser, Jul 12 2001

       how big are latches? can they be dislodged with a minimul amont of f-urt.
butt weight, Dec 28 2001

       Is the halfbakery disintegrating into a place where the abomination "f-urt" can stand in place of the fine word "effort?" I may have to cancel my subscription.
bristolz, Dec 28 2001

       He didn't want to put forth the effort.
phoenix, Dec 28 2001

       Even the atrocity that is "minimul amont" pales in comparison to f-urt. It is quite discomf-urting, in fact.
cp, Dec 28 2001

       A minimul amont - a small horse/donkey hybrid on a mountaintop?
herilane, Dec 10 2002


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