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Day-Glo Diet Dye

Food Day-Glo-rious Food
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I have heard tell that during the war the British army had an ingenious way of dealing with food shortages. If there weren't enough spuds to go round, the cooks dyed them blue. This made them less appealing and so the squaddies ate less that day and didn't complain of not having had enough.

Could this method be used to aid dieters??

I envisage a ready-to-use pipette filled with vivid blue, neon pink or any other non-food-colour dye that can be added to any food prepared from scratch and perhaps a spray bottle of the same for ready-made or restaurant food. The food will immediately look unnatural and, therefore, less appetising.

I do not mean this to be used as a complete diet solution, the food must of couse be healthy, but it could be used to train those of us (yes, me too) with serious cases of EBTB (eyes bigger than belly) to take less food and become used to smaller portions.

squeak, Jan 17 2003

Blue crisps http://news.bbc.co....england/2636939.stm
Fried rather than Baked .... [8th of 7, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       Yeah I once ate some green-tinged fish that I found in the fridge. Lost a bit of weight after that. I like this, only problem is that dieters have a near infinite number of sources of food. Dye their whole larder blue and they'd just be on the phone ordering the "15 inch Fat Bastard stuffed crust with anchovies, peanut butter and lard".
sild, Jan 17 2003

       <suspicious glare> [sild], have you been listening in on my phone calls ? </suspicious glare>
8th of 7, Jan 17 2003

       yeah [sild], it would have to be used by people who really want a kick start to losing weight and not just those 20 stoners who say they are dieting by only eating 7 cream eggs today.
squeak, Jan 17 2003

       Has other uses, as well. In a college dorm refrigerator, two drops of green food coloring will make a gallon of milk last notably longer.
lurch, Jan 17 2003

       // two drops of green food coloring will make a gallon of milk last notably longer. //   

       That is possibly the most worrying sentence I have read for a very long time.
8th of 7, Jan 17 2003

       If you have a gallon of milk to yourself and no one nicks any of it it will last a very, very long time. How do you know when the green of the dye becomes the green of near cheese??   

       Oh yeah..the taste.
squeak, Jan 17 2003

       //15 inch Fat Bastard stuffed crust with anchovies, peanut butter and lard//   

       Mmm... Lard pizza.... <drool>
Jinbish, Jan 17 2003

       A colored light bulb over the dining table should do the trick.
FarmerJohn, Jan 17 2003

       Eating greenishly tinged food has never been a bother. Its the fuzz that slows me down a bit.
rickstix, Jan 18 2003

       I believe this idea would be more properly categorized in "health: dieting."
krelnik, Jan 18 2003


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