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Diet Pills For the Poor

Diet by making yourself feel better!
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Ok, this idea is based on a few others I have seen while browsing around here.

First, there are several needy people in the world (and I'm talking truely needy, not your "hey I just keep losing all my paychecks at the casino so I have no house, and live in my car in the McDonalds Parking lot" needy). And on top of that, millions of fat people.

Each year America spends COUNTLESS dollars on diet pills, diet aids, exercise equipment, and the like.

So we now have the "Instant Gratification Pills". These are designed for various ailments, from dieting, to 'depression' of the non-severe variety.

Each pill contains an edible fortune-cookie-like reminder... "I have just commited one un-selfish act"; "I brought a lunch from home so the money saved could go to helping a foster child's education"; "I am important enough to the world to care for other people".

Instructions on the bottle would be to take one pill with one glass of water, and to reduce the monetary and caloric intake of a meal -- hoping that the pills inspirational message would remind them to be happy, work-out more... etc. Take as many as needed.

The pills are worthless, and have no nutritional value. Each container of pills has 99% of the profits donated to various charities around the world -- based on which product they chose.

The 1% would pay for my college education, and fanciful life. *blink* I mean... ummm...

---- And next time; I won't be asleep when I write this.

Juggalo4Eternity, Sep 18 2006


       Toes by any other name still smell like feet.
DesertFox, Sep 20 2006


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