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DeathStar-shaped ball

Be an unimaginably huge Death Star-swatting creature.
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This would probably work best with ping-pong balls: just paint it so it looks like a death star. (For added realism, put a dent in it.) Could work for golf balls as well, or billiards balls, or even, possibly, tennis and soccer balls.
Tlogmer, Jan 31 2005

(?) Similar idea http://www.starbase...m/catalog/TBT3.html
[robinism, Jan 31 2005]


       "We can't play with that! It's only half a ping pong ball."   

       "Oh, I think you'll find that this ping pong ball is... quite operational."
Detly, Jan 31 2005

       Can't see it working for billiards, tetherball maybe...red leader.   


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