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Massage Ball

Suction cup ball to be used with bare feet that everyone wants to use.
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This is a suction cup ball that has flexible rubber cups on the outside, but also a a semi-rigid ball at the center that can be compressed to add more suction through holes in the cups. The football massages the feet as the weight of your legs and your feet manipulate it increasing circulation. It comes in reusable sanitizing case with a picture of children playing a fun game with it, and a clear complaint about sore feet.
rcarty, Dec 12 2014

Like this? http://www.aliexpre...ball/348640199.html
[AusCan531, Dec 12 2014]


       Pinned a note to the fridge today. "Massage Balls"   

       The housekeeper left a note on the fridge. "Pay Me More"
Grogster, Dec 12 2014

       Like that but more how i described it.
rcarty, Dec 12 2014

       Why does it all have to make sense? So many people talk simply but make no sense politically etc.
rcarty, Dec 12 2014

       Would it disappoint, then, if I said this idea actually does make sense? [+]
pertinax, Dec 15 2014


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