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butt alarm 2

no relation whatsoever
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No more plumbers crack. For the professionals anyway.

Picture(or not) a thin tube with a photosensitive device at the top designed to be placed between butt cheeks to let you know when your drawers are hanging just a bit too low for public comfort.


Whoops, sorry there. (Pulls up pants in uncomfortable silence)

nth, Feb 10 2007

Ass Recognition Horse_20Alarm
[theircompetitor, Feb 13 2007]


       No, no, no. Not BEEP! It should have a voice recording: "Butt crack alert! Butt crack alert!" thus highlighting your exposure. No one will know what "BEEP" means!
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 10 2007

       Hmmm... A small beep might be appropriate to be discrete. A large buttcrack alert for the mutual exhibisionist/enjoyer?
nth, Feb 10 2007

       Just what we need, a battery powered device to replace suspenders ...
nuclear hobo, Feb 10 2007

       If you're going to draw attention to it, why not add to the humour level as well. When the alarm goes off (making everyone look) the device projects a holographic image of thong-style underwear on the offender, thereby increasing their embarrassment level exponentially.
Canuck, Feb 10 2007

       Yes... but who would buy a device to embarass themselves? Unless the device is to be discretely implanted by those who've just seen too much crack?
kdmurray, Feb 10 2007

       I thought that was what a thong was for... of course the female crack is the only one I want to see, and I'm sure it would be a better business proposition than whatever you just proposed. I hearby pronounce that someone should open up a company of knowledgeable plummers that also happen to be hot strippers.
quantum_flux, Feb 11 2007

       There will be come a time when the but-crack people will add tattoes (sp?) Just like many young women have them. To highlight the but-crack.
zeno, Feb 11 2007

       Say no to crack.
Trickytracks, Feb 11 2007

       Actually the butt-crack alarm should be on VIBRATE so that nobody has to know that your butt crack is showing. As soon as that thing beeps, everyone will come over to you to see if your crack is really showing. Besides, why don't they make pants that are cut higher in the back?
Jscotty, Feb 13 2007

       They do. The problem is that the plumbers' union opposes them for some reason.
Texticle, Feb 13 2007

       Mwahahahahah! Yeah, good one [Textcicle]!
quantum_flux, Feb 14 2007

       Just be careful what frequency your butt-vibrator operates on, or else your visible butt-crack will be the least of your problems!   

       Trousers that are cut higher in the back bow out when you're crouching so that standing people can see just as much.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Feb 14 2007


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