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Fridge Air Filter

Lint trap for fridges
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--The washing machine's got one; why not have one on the fridge too? Face it: the damned thing weighs a ton, it has a radiator and sometimes even a fan and every dust bunny on earth eventually winds up fouling the plumbing. So why not add a 'lint trap' to the fridge, so it keeps running at peak efficiency. This would probably greatly reduce one's electric bill, too, as it wouldn't have to work so long to cool as much. --This idea was prompted by our fridge packing up with something like a wastebasket full of dog hair, the frozen stuff thawing out and the repair guy saying he couldn't make it by until 'next Wednesday', whereupon in desperation we bought a replacement. Both now working fine, thanks.
Steamboat, Jun 27 2007

Replacement air filter http://www.amazon.c...ilter/dp/B001DPTZYS
Internal air filters are baked [bs0u0155, Nov 27 2011]

External filters http://us.sanyo.com...ochure-26928829.pdf
Filters for the condenser etc. are totally baked in ultra low temp freezers like we have at work, see the big filter thing at the bottom of these beasts. [bs0u0155, Nov 27 2011]


       Are you talking about external condenser (warm) coils? My understanding is that modern fridges don't have these anymore, instead hiding them just inside the outer sheet metal 'wrapper'.   

       If you're talking about the evaporator (cold) coils, then I'm baffled as to why you have airborne dust circulating around inside your fridge. Suggest storing food with a higher moisture content.
Texticle, Jun 27 2007

       What was your dog doing in the fridge?
theleopard, Jun 27 2007


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