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Denim Duct-Tape

Use it to patch your pants
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Denim duct tape - use it to patch your pants!

Spin-off: Soft cotton duct tape - use it to patch your underwear!

Technology: Requires non-stick separator (ie wax paper) to protect the denim from agressive duct tape adhesive

hlfbkr23, Oct 27 2003

Gaffer tape hat http://www.dashalx....=viewImage&image=12
A hat, a hat, made of gaffer tape. On a man. [-alx, Oct 04 2004]

Several duct tape clothing sites http://www.google.c...&btnG=Google+Search
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I think it'd be cool to have denim patched pipes.
Detly, Oct 27 2003

Detly, Oct 27 2003

       I do this to my work pants about once a week. I just put some duct tape on a little at a time till I have duct tape pants.
dickity, Oct 27 2003

       You get get iron-on patches but they're pretty crap and usually have a smiley face on. I like this idea (although not the underwear bit, no really) because it would be much quicker to get my fella looking halfway respectable before leaving the house (i.e. ensuring no genitalia is actually swinging free in the breeze, I don't know how he manages to always get the first hole *there*).
squeak, Oct 28 2003

       Nice idea, 23. Welcome to the bakery. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Oct 28 2003

       This reminds me of the hat I made for a friend of mine purely out of gaffer tape [see link]. I think more garments should be made out of some variety of tape.
-alx, Oct 28 2003

       There are whole web sites devoted to making clothing & accessories out of duct tape. See link for a few.
krelnik, Oct 28 2003

       Bedamned. I needed some of this a while back. I used an iron-on (plain).   

       "Patch tape..." I think it might been to be a little bit thicker and a lot sticker. Like gaffer tape but more so.
Eugene, Oct 28 2003


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