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Ear Clip

Ear mounted storage device
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I often put a cigarette or pen behind my ear - to keep it safe and to use it later and because it still seems cool like Arthur Fonzerelli or someone similar. Why limit it to just thin cylindrical objects though? Imagine an adjustable clip mounted just above you ear, held safely in place with the aid of fastening strap. Now you can carry all sorts of different shape objects behind your ear! This opens up a new world of possibilities now, previously limited to smokers and people who use pens. Sunglasses, a chocolate bar, a chicken fillet and so on and so forth. If anything it would be a one up those blue-tooth headset freaks, while he is talking you can casually half eat a sandwich and tuck it back behind your ear ‘for later’.
S-note, Apr 27 2010

The *Other* Solution http://fannypackpho...-for-your-head.html
[jurist, Apr 27 2010]




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