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The zipper button

no downed flys. no showy tighty whiteys
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what you guys think of a zipper button? like with the end of the zipper with a button on it, so the button goes through holes on both sides of the pant , uhm, yeah, thingys.thatway ur fly never goes down.
TheShnargle, Mar 21 2003


       Cryptography is not new. A zipper button on the other hand...
Worldgineer, Mar 21 2003

       i know it isnt new. but most systems are really hard to understand. this you can do in two seconds. but, i will give you the zipper button idea. so cool. really works too...
TheShnargle, Mar 21 2003

       Good quality zipper pulls come with a locking mechanism (they have a tooth on the underside that snaps into place between the zipper teeth).
DrCurry, Mar 21 2003

       Be assured that my colleagues and I are no slackers when it comes to getting our working parts into the open.
DrCurry, Mar 21 2003


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