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Dennis Miller obscure reference pop-up system

Never miss the joke
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Simulcast by HBO. Enable it on your specially equipped TV, and every obscure reference is accompanied by a bubble with a brief explanation (a la VH1 pop-up videos), and perhaps a "for further reference" notation.

"Oh, now I get it!"

globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2001

(?) Annotated Dennis Miller http://www.britanni...al?article_id=12870
I remember NPR doing a story on the guy at Brittanica who created this site. [iuvare, Apr 24 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Who Is Dennis Miller? http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Dennis_Miller
A kind of bearded, TV UnaBubba it seems... [zen_tom, Nov 12 2004]


       Dennis Miller is too slow- yet he regards himself-so it seems as quick. It would be impossible for me to not get a joke of his. I'd already thought of it long ago-while yawning. That being the case, I keep TV on MUTE when I see his mug.
thumbwax, Apr 27 2001

       I find myself laughing at how long it takes for him to "GET TO" the punch line.
overcooked, Nov 12 2004

       I've never seen him, but if he's a snappy, right-of-centre take-no-prisoners kind of guy, then I think we've got our own version right here...
zen_tom, Nov 12 2004


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