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Movie Up Date-er-Tron

Why are they fighing now?
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A small screen somewhere around you (such as in the back of the seat in front of you) would list the events happening in the movie in front of you. Such as if you were thinking about the previous scene and wasn't paying attention to some key details you could look at you up-date screen and find out what just happened. Also could be used if you were to up-date your self on the happenings after visiting the restroom. The screens wouldn't stay on for the whole movie, in order to reduce the screen glow coming from in front of you and would have a type of contrast control.
dickity, Apr 30 2004

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       I wonder why people who would need this pay to see movies.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 30 2004

       Seems more applicable to the home theater market. I'm much more likely to be distracted and lose track at home.
half, Apr 30 2004

       <shameless plug> or, if you want to get distracted, see link </shameless plug>
theircompetitor, Apr 30 2004

       Pay attention.
waugsqueke, Apr 30 2004

       Hey, why bother going in at all?
You could just buy the Synopso-Card at the door. It tells you what happens in every scene in the movie and has little holographic 'moving pictures' , like you get in cereal boxes, showing all the important bits. Also has some choice quotes, for that special 'movie feeling' !
blueturtle, Apr 30 2004

       IMO, they already do that in most previews.
restartatum, Apr 30 2004

       If you're at home, couldn't you just rewind it?
Detly, May 01 2004

       I could if I happen to be the only one watching or have no qualms about screwing up the continuity for the other people who are watching.
half, May 01 2004

       Given the choice between my incessant questioning and rewinding the film, my remaining friends both choose the latter.
Detly, May 01 2004


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