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The Fillemin

So you don't have to explain to newcomers what's happened.
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<Disclaimer> This idea would require broadcasters to incorporate a new feature into their broadcasted material, along with subtitles etc. </Disclaimer>

The Fillemin is a discrete bluetooth earpiece which is linked to the tv. It also incorporates a handheld controller, with perhaps 4 buttons on it. Potential uses for these buttons could be "What's happened so far?", "What just happened?", "Which actors are onscreen", and "Which one's the baddie".

When the wearer presses the relevant button, they are updated with the relevant information via their bluetooth headset.

Also the ideal solution for people with a 5 minute attention span.

jtp, Dec 29 2006

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       and ideal for those who've been watching all along and don't want to answer the "wait, why did he do that?" and "wait, who's that guy, and how does he know her?" questions
jenifemeral, Dec 30 2006

       Ah, the Fill'em'in. (+)   

       I didn't get the title there for a second. I kept reading it as FILEmin.   

       Oh. I was expecting some kind of theremin variant.
DrCurry, Dec 30 2006

       I like this, but I would need more than four buttons...+
xandram, Dec 30 2006

       I read it as the 'Fil-Lem-In'.   


       Except for when there's a twist and the baddy is actually the goodie!!
britboy, Jan 03 2007

       I like it! More than 4 buttons though. When can i see it in stores? ( I gave you a yes so you got another half a bun. Enjoy.)
lions8, Jan 04 2007


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