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Mime Impaired Closed Captioning

Text Output
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"What's he doin'?"
'He's either pulling a rhinoceros or he's on a gondola'
"Sure wish they had Closed Captioning for us Mime Impaired folk"
'Why, looky here, there's a Mime Impaired Closed Captioning Button on this here reeee-mote"
'Well, I'll be ding-danged - push that thar button'
"Yup, he's pullin' a rhinoceros through the canals of Venice"
thumbwax, Sep 01 2002

Robot-fu http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Robot-fu
Third paragraph was inspiration. I agree with DrCurry - did I mention this has a "full screen" mode? [thumbwax, Sep 01 2002]


       "what's he doin? I know I'll turn on M.I.C.C, WHAT! HOW! argh nooo IT'S NOT POSSIBLE YUCK. Sometimes its better not to know, who knows what goes on in the scary mind of a mime.
Gulherme, Sep 01 2002

       Should speed up playing charades.
FarmerJohn, Sep 01 2002

       Anyone who encourages mimes should be beaten over the head with a large stick.
DrCurry, Sep 01 2002

       Croissant to be shared between thumbwax and DrC for making me laugh. Gulherme could be right though, opera is definitely better without subtitles.
madradish, Sep 02 2002

       stupid mimes, always getting traped in boxes...
i-Mer, Sep 02 2002

       Stupid wind, always pushing mimes around...   

       This is bree-yent. +
k_sra, Sep 19 2003


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