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Dental OB/Gyn

Full Service Jiffy-Lube for the Body
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Dental checkup and routine gynecological exam - why not combine those two unpleasant and inconvenient appointments into one?

Ladies, come right in at your set appointment time. Lay back in the chair, and Dr. Kleener, DDS, and Dr. Finger, OB/Gyn, will work side-by-side on your routine healthcare needs. Don't like these sorts of appointments? A little sleeping pill, and you'll never feel a thing. And with two Doctors in the room, no need to worry about improprieties.

In 15 minutes, you're set to leave the shop. Put a sticker on your forehead that tells you to come back in 3 months or 3000 miles.

OK, I know you think this HAS to be an idea from a man, but this one is from my wife! My comment: Just make sure you know, before you answer, who asked the question "Do you use floss daily?"

hugesmile, Dec 18 2004

Myth (illustrated): Vagina Dentata http://www.rotten.c...sex/vagina-dentata/
[jutta, Dec 19 2004]


       I think you'd have to be knocked out. Having someone invading one orifice is unpleasant enough. Two simultaneously would not be good. Still - would save some time.
wagster, Dec 18 2004

       Okay, seriously, not asking for any details; just yes or no. Does the OB/Gyn exam typically require verbal feedback from the patient?
swamilad, Dec 18 2004

       "verbal feedback" only if there is pain in the abdomen. that could be reported before hand,   

       strangely repulsive idea +
dentworth, Dec 18 2004

       //Does the OB/Gyn exam typically require verbal feedback from the patient?// No, but you pay through the arse at the dentists....
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 18 2004

       At my job, I do admissions for the laboratory at a big hospital. Part of this includes processing the requisitions for pap-smears. Occassionally they arrive with the ICD9-CM code V72.2 (dental exam) rather than V72.3 (gyn exam) and, though I fully well know what they meant, I have to call the provider and ask for a different code so the insurance will pay. "I'm sorry, but a dental exam is not a covering diagnosis for a pap-smear." I have to tell them. "Can you take a look at the chart and see if there is an additional code please?"
JakePatterson, Dec 18 2004

po, Dec 18 2004

       Doctor: "Open"
Patient: "which one?"
phundug, Dec 19 2004

       With the cost pressures of health care today, I think this would tend to encourage dual-practice certificates, which just sounds icky.
RayfordSteele, Dec 19 2004

       "Nurse, we have a problem. Call in the tongue, clitoris, lips and lips specialist."
FarmerJohn, Dec 19 2004

       This is routinely done for patients who cannot cooperate - eg developmentally disabled women. They must be sedated for either procedure, so both are combined to minimize sedation time. Baked. [mfd].
bungston, Dec 19 2004

       I think your [MFD] is a little premature [bungston]... the idea is not just 'knock women out and perform both services' but actualy make this something offered outside of special care facilitys.
photojunkie, Dec 20 2004

       Since "[mfd]" means nothing to the deletion process it is neither premature or late.
bristolz, Dec 20 2004


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