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Doctor Gym

Have the body you always wanted, and have it fixed.
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As I was driving home today, I saw an advert for a gym which said 'have the body you want'. My immediate thought was 'the body I want is my body, but fixed.' That led me to think - why are gyms and doctors' surgeries separate places? Both should be concerned with helping you towards a happy, healthy life. Combining the two into a single, body-oriented one-stop-shop could have several benefits. First, it might make doctors' surgeries slightly more pleasant to visit - in my experience they're all unremittingly grim. Second, it might remove the stigma of visiting the doctor. The waiting room would have big glass windows looking out onto the gym so that all the old men can ogle the fit young ladies as they exercise. Third, and more importantly, it might help people to recognise that health isn't a broken/fixed, binary kind of deal.
moomintroll, Dec 15 2004


       Many hospitals already have some sort af health club facilities available for use by their patients and staff.
jaksplat, Dec 15 2004

       this is a good idea, but i could see it would lead to separatism in the same way gyms have their own specific clientele or market. Elderly people would prefer to go somewhere that high energy aerobic techno music wasn't blaring at them, and ultimately i guess surgeries look medical and homoginised so as to not seem to cater to any one particular type of person.
benfrost, Dec 16 2004

       one stop body shop hip hop beebadoo bop....
DesertFox, Dec 16 2004


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