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Fruit Salad Blunderbuss

A musket with a wide bore and flared muzzle that fires and scatters fruit
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This gun is designed to fire assortments of fruit however big or small.

One practical use is, filling the musket with bananas and grapes and firing a heavy round when stumbling upon a troop of baboons blocking your path whilst on a expedition.

skinflaps, Apr 16 2004


       I envisage a restaurant where all food is fired at its customers.
Cunninglinguist, Apr 16 2004

po, Apr 16 2004


How is this different from the well-known (and loved) potato cannon?

(Oh, good grief! <slaps head> Of course, potatoes are not fruit.)
ldischler, Apr 16 2004

       cannon fodder farmer 2nd class
FarmerJohn, Apr 16 2004

       Get your five portions of fruit and veg here... [BLAM]
st3f, Apr 16 2004

       Geed 'um, Maa!   

       Vegetarian riot control. Bun.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 16 2004

       Hollow pears, and full melon jackets.
normzone, Apr 16 2004

       Mango Mortars.
5th Earth, Apr 16 2004

       Apple Artillery.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 16 2004

       So..... It's a salad shooter(tm)? :P
DonBirnam, Apr 16 2004

       bun for use of the term "blunderbuss." that and that it's a hilarious idea.
andromeda, Apr 16 2004

       Think watermellon.   


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