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Distributed backup dancers

Soft-shoe for strangers
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Instead of having full-time, dedicated backup dancers, let everybody learn a few important backup routines (my grade school taught the Hoky Poky) and, occasionally, spend a few minutes embiggening someone else's dramatic moment.

We could go all techy and dance on cue from our PDAs, with credits and debits totted up, etc etc. Or we could just dance when it was wanted because ninety seconds of the grapevine is pleasant.

hello_c, Nov 08 2000

Your own backup dancers http://www.halfbake...our_20own_20dancers
Private troupes for private enterprise [hello_c, Nov 08 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Thinking like that maybe you should be working on the Drew Carey Show!
leefryder, Dec 08 2000


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