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Destroy v logout

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With stealth, I can get a near miss upon the destroy button thingymajig, whilst reaching my goal to the logout thingymajig.

By distancing the destroy/logout thingymajigs apart from each other. (Destroy, being the lonely stone tablet placed somewhere else) Then upon days of hyperactivity and mouse revolution, there will be no fear of inadvertly becoming a "John flaps"

(just an observation)

skinflaps, Dec 03 2004


       Fear not, before becoming John Flaps you would experience a close encounter with the legendary halfbakery ducks.
DrBob, Dec 03 2004

       Log out? Who logs out?
phundug, Dec 03 2004

       The ducks are no more, alas.
calum, Dec 03 2004

       I think I can remember some time back, I accidentally hit the destroy thingy and viewed a message asking me if I wished to destroy my account.   

       I dare not try that now "for curiousity killed the cat" what's behind that "destroy" I daren't look.
skinflaps, Dec 03 2004

       I find the 'Destroy' button a rather negative suggestion to have sat on the side of every page. It's not that I've ever pressed it by mistake (I presume you get a confirmation window or something) it's just a bad vibe. It could happily exist on one of the back pages where we don't have to look at it, surely? <edit> This post may look superfluous now, but it was written simultaneous-like with the two above. By the way, what were these ducks?</e>
wagster, Dec 03 2004

       Wow, jutta!,that's much better.
skinflaps, Dec 03 2004

       Yeah, I like it too. Thanks for the suggestion! And wagster, I think you're right about the vibe, too.   

       There is one confirmation window - unless you have no data associated with the account other than the username itself, in which case it just gets deleted.   

       The ducks were my half-serious attempt at both technical and emotional suicide prevention. There was a picture of a bunch of little duckies, to calm you down if you're doing the electronic equivalent of running out and slamming the door; four buttons labelled A through D; and verbal instructions to click on one of them to make sure someone didn't just automatically click on OK.   

       In short, a system so elaborate that people simply had to go test it - and occasionally did that without being in the test account they thought they had created for the purpose...
jutta, Dec 03 2004

       Funnily enough I just voted and accidentally clicked "against." But then I fixed it. :-)   

       I do think the site feels better without the "suicide capsule" next to every idea I read (or write.)
contracts, Dec 03 2004

       Much better! My self-destructive side is no longer being tempted. Now I just have to control my self-editive side...
wagster, Dec 03 2004

       jutta, do you still have the ducks?   

       I'm with wagster on this one.Can we see them ducks on a link please?
skinflaps, Dec 03 2004

       // four buttons labelled A through D; and verbal instructions to click on one of them //   

       Hm, I got robbed then. My death-page only came with screen text instructions.
waugsqueke, Dec 04 2004

       Perhaps in lieu of destroy, there could be ducks. One could then go to a screen and choose a duck. One would then come back to the halfbakery, after a brief visit with the ducks.
bungston, Dec 04 2004

       Perhaps you should have to destroy some ducks. I don't think I could do that to cute little ducks, even on a bad day.
Worldgineer, Dec 06 2004

       Probably is if you share a machine account.
bristolz, Dec 07 2004


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