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"Changed since you were last here" in halfbakery category

Show which ideas in the Halfbakery category have changed since you were last here
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I understand the reasons for not having the halfbakery category on the front page, but it's very difficult to keep track of which ideas are still 'live' within the halfbakery category without trawling through all of them and checking the last annotation date. Would it not be possible to have the current shaded background featured on the front page for ideas that haven't been changed applied to the halfbakery category?
CoolerKing, Nov 14 2001

Halfbakery subcategories sorted by modification http://www.halfbake...akery?sort=modified
This is as close as I get without programming anything. [jutta, Nov 14 2001]


       The next release (which looks like it's finally going to happen on Nov 25th, after talking about it for more than a year) will have more sorting features than you can shake a stick at. I don't think shading is part of it, but you could say things like "show me everything in the major category Halfbakery: that has been modified in less than a week."
jutta, Nov 14 2001

       Yeah, that sounds like it could work quite well. It'd save a lot of trawling anyway. Have I been auto-boned again?
CoolerKing, Nov 14 2001

       Don't worry. It's the HACKED BY FISHBONE virus. It spreads really fast.
AfroAssault, Nov 14 2001

       please sort PeterSealy for me
po, Nov 14 2001

       po: Do you want Peter sorted in ascending or descending order?
Aristotle, Nov 14 2001

       don't cry bliss we will get him at playtime
po, Nov 14 2001

       Bravo! Nice one Blissmiss, have an oscar!
sven3012, Nov 14 2001

       Can I add my WIBNI, some sort of reset for the "items changed since your last visit" time point.   

       Bye, blissmiss, good luck in the Real World. <aside target="audience">She'll be back.</aside>
pottedstu, Nov 14 2001

       Theoretically, [pottedstu]'s WIBNI could be realised by logging out then back in, but it seems to take an hour or more for the site to notice that you've gone.
angel, Nov 14 2001

       (loved the annotation, blissmiss)
iuvare, Nov 14 2001

       [waugs]: If [jutta] mentioned it once, it may have been before my time. It just seems like over an hour; I obsess as well.
angel, Nov 14 2001


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