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Different Subcategory arrangement

Top to Bottom rather than left to right.
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The alpha numeric arrangement of subcategories on the halfbakery make sense to me, but it seems a deeper more controlling part of my brain has been rejecting the organization as presented for several years.

I don't know if it is something in the way I have taught myself to assimilate info or not, but the 3 column alpha numeric ordering running left to right across the 3 columns is still being rejected by my mind.

If I have a category in mind I would like to search for now, I take the first column & scan it top to bottom. I find the appropriate beginning letters & see if it is there. I then have to repeat the task for the next two columns.

Does anyone else have to do this?

Zimmy, Aug 22 2006


       I have never had the time really to teach myself any html or higher programming. In autolisp I think I could turn out a response in 3 columns alpha numerically w/ a-f in 1st column, g-r in second, & s-z in third, but again, I don't know html or others.
Zimmy, Aug 22 2006

       Hmmm, I think you are fighting the list, [Zimmy]. First, you must become the list. Be one with the list. YOU ARE THE LIST. Now scan yourself, absorb the information through your entire being. Breathe.   

       See, that wasn't so hard. Forget the programing stuff, just use your inner computer.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 22 2006

       I agree with Zimmy. Columns shouldn't be   

       A B C

       they should be   

       A D G

       The current layout is just an artefact of the limits of the HTML display system I'm using. If this were, say, a book, I'd lay them out differently, and I think so would most conventional graphic designers.
jutta, Aug 22 2006

       I can just hear that in an aussie accent!
po, Aug 22 2006

       I vote   

       A H C
DrCurry, Aug 23 2006

       I second that, [DrCurry]. Random is the way to go.
Hunter79764, Aug 23 2006

       I think for the next program I write, I will in fact use banana as a variable name. Actually, one I did a few days ago needs some refining to add in defaults to make it run faster, so as soon as I get time to work on it it shall have the banana variable.   

       I can't take away from my time looking at the bakery, though.
Zimmy, Aug 23 2006

       I suggest   

       A H G

       which leads the reader in a nice spirally pattern around the page.
dbmag9, Aug 23 2006

       That might actually be pleasant. Normally I'd go with the vertical columns, but I like the spiral more.
jellydoughnut, Aug 24 2006

       UnaBubba, that is a prime example of true logic at work. Capital suggestion!
dbmag9, Aug 24 2006

       I'm not so sure about the idea of vertical lists in web pages (just to be different). If the list is really long, then when you go to the bottom of the left column, you need to scroll all the way back to the top, to continue with the next column.
Ling, Aug 28 2006


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