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Detachable pockets

embarressed by your contents at security checks? give em the whole pocket.
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I Do hate emptying my pockets at airport security checks, people get to see all my mangly reciepts, old cigarette butts and bits of string. Why not just hand them the whole pocket? maybe some zip on zip off arrangement.

Don't they have these checks in some schools now? Could be the latest teen fashion.

greyfiend, Jun 07 2006

essential with MacGyverWear MacGyverWear_99
[greyfiend, Jun 07 2006]

removable pockets. Removable_20Pockets
[po, Jun 07 2006]

Life swapping parties http://www.google.c...rights=&safe=images
[normzone, Jun 07 2006]


       This could be extended as 'detachable lives'.   

       You swap pockets with someone else, keys, cards, handkerchieves, folded-up pieces of paper and all.   

       You spend an agreed period of time seeing what it's like to live in their house, drive their car, spend against their credit limit and call their phone list to make excuses for their appointments.   

       It would be a bit like identity theft, but mutual, and friendlier... if you like that sort of friend.   

       See also 'life-swapping parties'... I suppose.
pertinax, Jun 07 2006

       this would make pickpocketing a much much easier activity.
jhomrighaus, Jun 07 2006


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