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Removable Pockets

Take your pockets (not your pants) with you
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These would be removable pockets that you velcro into ur exsisting pockets. And when you want to change pants, instead of takeing all the stuff out of your pockets you just remove the pocket and put it in the new pants and your ready to go.
bob_of_the_jungle, Apr 25 2002


       Removable pocket liners.  I like the idea.
bristolz, Apr 25 2002

       what stuff we talking about here? jungle bob. what would a jungle bob have in his pockets I wonder? spare thong, extra long rope for tree swinging, monkey nuts for pet monkey, mag - janes monthly, mace spray - in case of running into angry rhino, few quid in spare change and a hanky.
po, Apr 25 2002

       Jungle bobs have so very many things to carry, thats why the removable pockets make life in the Jungle so easy.
bob_of_the_jungle, Apr 26 2002

       All I can think about are geeky pocket protectors.
waugsqueke, Apr 26 2002

       you mean all the time or just now because of the idea?
thumbwax, Apr 26 2002

       how many bobs do we have on this site? Can I have one or two? I could do with a few bob.
sappho, Apr 26 2002

       yeah, bob of the future...there is velcro all over the pocket, so it conforms to the exsisting pockets, so as to avoid "lumpiness"
bob_of_the_jungle, Apr 27 2002

       Im not fond of pants at all, i find them too restraining, so therefore removable pockets would do me no good, but i think for those "un-hip" people removable pockets is the first step towards a pants free society, therefore i endorse this product.
beta, Apr 27 2002

       Removing their pockets willy-nilly might lead them into removing their pants in the same fashion?
meow, May 17 2002

       they have those, called tare-aways. but pockets would be useful, i always end up forget stuff in my other pants. but when these go mainstream pick pockiting will have a whole new meaning...
i-Mer, May 17 2002


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