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Diaper life gauge

Change regularly.
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Rich people! Do you pay to have others care for your baby? Do you want to exert more control over thier actions to feel like you are doing more caring by proxy? Do you want to spend more money to assuage your conscience? BUNGCO is here for you.

The Diaper Life Gauge is peeled off after applying a diaper. It shows how many hours have elapsed since the diaper was applied. BUNGCO scientists have demonstrated that a little pee in a diaper, left for several hours, will foster the growth of GERMS. By changing the diaper according to the clock, rather than degree of boggyness or poop, your baby's caregiver (and so, inderectly, you!) will prevent any GERMS from growing in proximity to your baby's nether parts.

bungston, Jul 16 2008

research smeaserch http://www.sedl.org...senses/lesson5.html
[zeno, Jul 18 2008]


       You can leave a diaper on for hours, if it doesn't get dirty, sometimes five minutes is too long. Now if you would have invented a smell-o-meter...
zeno, Jul 16 2008

       Maybe _you_ can leave a diaper on for hours. But let me ask you if you have thought about the possibility of GERMS? They could get in there, you know. And the worst ones (research shows) are too small to see or smell.
bungston, Jul 16 2008

       from link: //These small pieces of material are too small for us to see, but the nose is sensitive to them and can smell them\\ Too small to smell my butt.
zeno, Jul 18 2008


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