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LED Diaper Gauge

Indicator light for when it's time to change
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Sow a thin cloth lining onto the inside surface of a normal reusable cotton diaper with thin wires running parallel just under the surface, so as not to bother the baby.

The idea is, that when baby has soiled said diaper, electrical conductivity between the wires is (hopefully) made. A small snap- button on the front of the diaper, will house a tiny LED and button cell battery. The electronics are housed in a snap-on button so it can be removed and placed on the next (clean) diaper.

So next time baby has made a mess, you can know it's time to change!

swimr, May 20 2009

redundant Alert_20Nappies
[zeno, May 22 2009]


       The potential for neglect exists in that a deadbeat parent will watch the lights from a distance during the Maury show only to say, "the indicator is only between green and yellow.. it has not officially hit the red zone so that should be fine."
Jscotty, May 22 2009


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