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Plane Diaper

Dress up your diapers
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This is an add-on kit for regular diapers. Good for Halloween or just plain everyday fun!

Reminiscent of the old “arrow-though-the-head” gag, this kit comes with a cardboard airplane nose, tail and wings (4 pieces total). The included quick-drying glue is used to attach the pieces to the front, back, and sides of your child’s diaper (once it is on the child). Your child will be happy to run around in only a diaper and show off his or her style to the world!* Morning clothing struggles will become a thing of the past as you stop buying new pants and simply rely on the Diaper Plane line of diaper accessories.

Coming soon: the Diaper Tail in a variety of new options (tiger, monkey, elephant, MORE TOO COME) and the Diaper Dump Truck (front and back pieces only, the load is up to your child to provide).

*Not recommended for non-walking babies.

migennes, Feb 04 2006

The Plain Diaper Plain_20Diaper
The Plane Diaper was inspired by a comment made by [rcarty] [migennes, Feb 04 2006]


       thank you.
redsimple, Feb 04 2006

       Not altogether sure the toddler in question wouldn't just immediately disassemble the plane, but croissant for the thought.   

       Maybe you could also market to the (slightly) older set with a washable sticky adhesive that will attach the planes to their tshirts?
DrCurry, Feb 04 2006

       Dinosaur and dragon as well please.
Miss Bianca, Feb 05 2006

       You could put four fuzzy legs in pairs on either side of the diaper for crawling babies. Now you have a spider-baby. The legs will even move as it awkwardly shakes its butt in order to crawl.   

       And can I have versions of all of these for my boxers?
notmarkflynn, Feb 06 2006

       [nmf] - that is a wonderful mental image. Even better than the Plane Baby, which is pretty good.
bungston, Feb 06 2006

       //Diaper Dump Truck// !!!   

Minimal, Feb 06 2006


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