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Reverse Camelback

Do NOT mix up your straws!
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OK, so someone made a backpack that you can drink from. Why not a backpack that you can pee into?

I propose a backpack with a frame and elastics that pull the bag open. This would create a vacuum that would allow you to place the receptacle tube near urinary output to be sucked into it. The end of the tube would have a closing valve and possibly a funnel for unisex application.

Make up valuable time on your next Tour de France by never having to stop to drain your lance!

Also great for those casino gamblers who feel they found the lucky seat.

Mister P, Feb 12 2008


       My mate, who's a long distance lorry driver, baked this years ago. Due to the inadequacies of his version, his cab always stank of piss.
jtp, Feb 12 2008


Pay the camel back,
Sitting on a camel back,
See the camel, do the camel
Pay the camel back...

       - A Band of Bees (I believe it's just "The Bees" in the UK), "Chicken Payback"
globaltourniquet, Feb 12 2008

       Might be more sanitary than trucker bombs.
RayfordSteele, Feb 14 2008


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