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Dick Nixon Radio

Play all of Richard Nixon's tapes on internet radio
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Take all 2300 hours of ex-President Nixon's whitehouse tapes, available at


and play them back-to-back over a SHOUTcast stream.

At 24 hours a day, it would take 3 months to get through them. Then of course you would just start at the beginning again.

Listening to that stream all day long would provide some insights to that era in American history.

AntiQuark, Jun 11 2010


       I would rather listen to Mojo Nixon.
jaksplat, Jun 11 2010

mouseposture, Jun 11 2010

       Thanks for sharing.
Mustardface, Jun 12 2010

       An alternative of similar length would be to play a single Fidel Castro speech in its entirety...
Jinbish, Jun 12 2010


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