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His Dark Archers

The Archers do Pullman, or vice versa
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I'm wondering if it isn't possible to fuse two English stories together.

I'm reckoning on Eddie Grundy at Panteleimon, Shula as Marisa Coulter and Walter Gabriel as...err...Archangel Gabriel, which at least will make the names easy to remember.

not_morrison_rm, Jul 30 2012

If QEII can parachute into the Olympics, all things are possible. http://www.youtube....watch?v=xW5abat5NEU
[Phrontistery, Jul 31 2012]

(?) And It Was a Touching Story, Too. Literally. http://www.youtube....watch?v=O0dpk619oTM
Bambi Meets Godzilla [Grogster, Jul 31 2012]

John Faa http://en.wikipedia...characters#John_Faa
[not_morrison_rm, Aug 07 2014]


8th of 7, Jul 30 2012

       The Colonial Contingent seconds. No.
Alterother, Jul 30 2012

       // possible to fuse two English stories together.   

       I saw Mary Poppins defeat Voldemort recently.
tatterdemalion, Jul 30 2012

       Under the influnce of which substance(s)?
Alterother, Jul 30 2012

       Change your supplier, that's bad stuff you're smoking.
8th of 7, Jul 30 2012


       Waddja mean no?   

       Ok, for the nay-sayers, I raise the stakes - His Dark Archers on Ice. I can see it doing well on Broadway.   

       I'm sure Walt Disney never had these problems. "A mouse, with gloves, a pair of shorts and a squeaky voice? Surely, you jest Mr Disney?"
not_morrison_rm, Jul 31 2012

       // I can see it doing well on Broadway //   

       And we can see your head looking good on a spike on Tower Green.
8th of 7, Jul 31 2012

       // Under the influnce of which substance(s)?   

       Danny Boyle, I believe it was. There was Captain Hook also, that's at least three.
tatterdemalion, Jul 31 2012

       //And we can see your head looking good on a spike on Tower Green.   

       I'm guessing you can't do public executions there these days, no bugger would be able to get there due to the Circle Line engineering work?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 31 2012

       I'll throw my fishbone onto the pile for this one, I think. The Archers is barely tolerable and His Dark Materials, although it has some nice ideas in it, is over-rated. I would have been neutral though had it not been for the addition of the Ice Spectacular, which I hate.

//I saw Mary Poppins defeat Voldemort recently//

<Rocky Balboa> "You ain't so bad!" </RB>

PS: Can I also add, appropos of nothing, that although I do seem to hate almost everything (especially the monarchy, James Bond & Mr Bean), I thought the Olympics opening ceremony was bloody excellent and my bosom swelled with patriotic pride throughout the whole damned thing.
DrBob, Jul 31 2012

       Likewise, and my sense of pride was enhanced by my knowledge of how little of it would be understood by foreigners - e.g. the short snatch of Shipping Forecast.
hippo, Jul 31 2012

       Of course, I should have seen it, His Dark Archers on Ice, with Mr Bean...   

       <picks up mauve crayon and sugar paper, starts writing to A.L. Webber...>
not_morrison_rm, Jul 31 2012

       Prior Art: Bambi Meets Godzilla... <link>
Grogster, Jul 31 2012

       //my bosom swelled with patriotic pride throughout the whole damned thing.//
I especially enjoyed the part about the invention of industrial air pollution.
sqeaketh the wheel, Jul 31 2012

       Yes, a great step forward; up to then, the range of things that poor people could afford to die from hadn't changed for centuries - and then whole new vistas of premature mortality were opened up ...   

       Even now, those imprisoned in The Lowest Circle Of Hell are no doubt watching the opening credits of "Strictly Pro-Celebrity His Dark Archers on Ice, with Mr Bean, Daniel Craig , and the Royal Family Parachute Display Team ..."   

       And when they change from the Circle Line onto the Central Line, the only available destination is Stratford, where they are charged £18 for a 250ml bottle of warm tap water and then forced to stand in the rain for hours watching heats of the shot put (commentary by David Beckham and Orville the Duck).
8th of 7, Jul 31 2012

       Quite right, sqeaketh. Yet another thing that wasn't invented by the French!
DrBob, Jul 31 2012

       Finally thought of a film that could be remade in His Dark Archers style..."A Bridge Too Faa".   

       In case you hadn't guessed, I'm just working part-time these days and have faa too much free time...
not_morrison_rm, Aug 07 2014

       <Powers up warp drive, deflectors and all weapons systems to warm standby in case someone posts "Harry Potter and the Last Crusade for the Amber Spyglass">
8th of 7, Aug 07 2014

       "Helmsman, lay in a course for Mornington Crescent".
normzone, Aug 07 2014

       Sterling Archer / C.S. Lewis crossover. There.
sninctown, Aug 07 2014

       ^ I can see Archer in Perelandra   

       //Harry Potter and the Last Crusade for the Amber Spyglass//   

       Harry, Queen of Scots ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 08 2014

       That's right, same as in "Braveheart: The Quickening".
8th of 7, Aug 08 2014

       Veronica, Jughead, and Betty travel to a parallel universe where they embark on a mission to rescue bubblegum pop from the influences of autotuning, in His Dark Archies.
RayfordSteele, Sep 10 2014

       What about the story of a commercial landlord who specialises in leasing badly-illuminated workshops constructed under railway viaducts which are in the shade of tall buildings built alongside ?   

       It would be called "His Dark Arches" ...
8th of 7, Sep 10 2014

       And the fans could all be referred to as Arch Supports.
normzone, Sep 10 2014

       Of course the sequel, set in the aftermath of a disaster which causes the viaduct to collapse would be titled "Fallen Arches" ...
8th of 7, Sep 10 2014


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