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Fridge Magnet FM

Welcome... today's show... is a buttercup.
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In radio, "voice tracking" is the technique of recording all of your spoken links at once and then using a computer to insert them between records in automation.

This way, a four hour show can be recorded in 8 minutes, saving time and money. The problem is that "voice tracking" is often responsible for making shows sounds stale, uninspired, and uninspiring.

So get the DJs to record short snippets of phrases, which can be computer randomised through the show. Not even the DJ would know what was coming next.

This could lead to huge audiences listening out for the next moment of sublime brilliance. Different shows could use different sets of snippets so that they had different atmospheres - some might be shocking, others poetic.

[JPK]'s Truck Poetry lodged in my brain a few weeks ago, and helped with this idea.

Fishrat, Nov 17 2003


       isn't that what they do already?
ivanhoe, Nov 17 2003

       Yes and no. Right now, jocks (generally) read a four line statement selling something, followed by the station ident/strapline.

       You are right though that the technology exists to impliment this idea right now, and is used to broadcast around the world.
Fishrat, Nov 17 2003

       <Obligatory> I thought this idea was going to be for fridge magnets with radios in them </Obligatory>
phoenix, Nov 17 2003


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