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Digit bag

Something to help heal the digits
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When I almost cut my finger off a while back the doctors told me to soak it for at least one hour every day in a water/peroxide mixture. The only thing I had at home that was big enough was a mixing bowl. That seemed a bit of overkill to me. What I think the doctors should give out when a digit is injured and needs to be soaked for a while is some sort of bag that can be sealed and be inverted, but filled with a liquid. It should be able to move with the finger/toe and it should be easily sealable/removeable.
barnzenen, Dec 24 2001


       Well, it is better now, it happened almost 5 years ago. I do still have problems feeling things with a side of my finger though, but it's kinda cool. Makes it easier to check my blood on that finger...

Pertinent, why you gotta be so sensible? What you described actully makes sense. Next time I decide to cut a finger off I'll do what you said. The doctors should have told me to do something similar though. Oh well, hind sight, as they say, is behind you.
barnzenen, Dec 26 2001

       Sometimes, you need a bath of fluid, not just a dampness of fluid (soaked bandages). This is especially true with, say, Epsom salts.

I've had similar injuries. What I usually do is use a plastic bag (like a sandwich bag). Easier to port around than a bowl, and takes a lot less fluid volume, since you can sort of mold the bag to your appendage, while keeping a bath-like environment for it.
quarterbaker, Dec 26 2001

       I'm a bit confused by your opening sentence, barnzenen. Did you have to put your finger in soak before you tried to cut it off or afterwards?
DrBob, Dec 26 2001

       I almost cut it off at work. After they stiched me up I was told to soak it for about an hour in the mixture.
barnzenen, Dec 26 2001

       What I've often envisioned is a plastic bag with a mouth that is an inflatable innertube thing. You fill the bag with your fluid of choice, insert the affected appendage, then inflate the collar to seal the bag to your appendage without cutting off circulation. Would that work for you?

//tangent// I seem to have a recent fascination with things inflatable. Maybe I should just get a blow-up doll.
quarterbaker, Dec 26 2001

       1/4b - condom?
po, Dec 26 2001

       Don't need 'em with blow-ups.
quarterbaker, Dec 26 2001

       I was on topic, silly
po, Dec 26 2001

       Oooh, I see!

Replace the rubber band in a condom with an inflatable tube, and make them different sizes (up to full-leg size), and that's it.

I seem to recall an inflatable cast . . . gotta go look.

//later// Inflatable casts/splints are well-baked. In google search, lots of links for inflatable penile implants. And there's links for inflatable seals (including an artificial asshole that's just an inflatable sphincter, which only about half of the users seem to be able to control). So maybe my idea would be the way to bake barnzenen's idea.
quarterbaker, Dec 26 2001

       ssssssshhhhhhh qb you have said eeeeenough
po, Dec 26 2001

       It was the inflatable artificial asshole, wasn't it. Come on, that sounds sooooo halfbakery-ish. Too bad its been done.
quarterbaker, Dec 26 2001

       piles, sweetie; enough said
po, Dec 26 2001

       If I ever cut a finger off or *almost* cut a finger off, the doctors better knock me the f*ck out before they even think about touching my finger.
jimithing, Dec 27 2001


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