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Isolate broken bone, keep surrounding muscle from atrophy.
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So I stress fractured the ring finger metacarpal in my left hand catching a hot water tank from falling off a trailer.
I hadn't even lowered it to the ground yet I just grabbed the box harder than I should have and broke it with my own hand muscles. Thought I'd just sprained it.

Aaaaanyway, I didn't know that could even happen so six days went by before it got x-rayed and then somebody slapped a temporary half-cast all the way to my elbow on it, and told me I'd be called once a specialist had been consulted.
The specialist told them to schedule a splint to immobilize the entire finger the next day.


That sucked.
One finger sticking straight out and atrophying while any lateral whack caused utter agony?... While also needing to work with it?
Aw hell no!
I took the original half-cast to the workshop and chop-sawed it down to eliminate wrist immobility, stripped off the outer cloth, sanded any sharp bits, painted it flat-black, (because wtf would you want white if you're working with it on?)... secured it with tape from the first-aid kit and can now whack that side of my hand without pain.
The pinky muscles and cast protect a re-brake of my ring finger metacarpal from that side and my index and middle fingers protect whacks from this side and what I cobbled together is so far superior to either medically prescribed arrangement that there is no way I will put that splint back on because this allows me to work again, and lets the individual bone heal, without loss of mobility or atrophy of muscles surrounding the break.
I can also remove the cast at any time to wash, place an ice bag or just friggin scratch the damn thing when it's itchy.
It will heal "much" more quickly this way.

The new hot water tank was okay.

Remodelled casts should be a thing.


       Well done, and good luck.
pertinax, May 23 2022

I'll need it.

       There are people who do this, it is widely discussed that an immobilising cast is a bad thing, slows healing and as you say atrophies strength.
pocmloc, May 23 2022

       This being the 21st century & all, I wonder if there's a better way, for simple, easy-to-access straight bones like fingers, arm & leg bones...
Split the finger open long-ways (somewhere that allows this relatively safely, like along the side). Wrap a 3D printed, custom made titanium lattice cast directly around the bone. Close finger. Leave for 6 months. Open & remove cast (if you can be bothered...).
neutrinos_shadow, May 23 2022


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