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Better group photos

Everyone say.... Gudbrandsdalsost
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So you want everyone in the picture, including yourself.

You could set a timer, and take lovely pictures of yourself running back to the group, or suffer that embarrassing lag while everyone wonders if the camera + timer has worked.

Or you can use one of those remote control things... if you remembered to bring it.

But better still ... you can just say 'CHEESE'.

I propose a trigger mode for cameras that is activated by a spoken keyword. Volume and voice recognition limits can be set so that it is not falsely triggered until the whole crowd or a nominated person says cheese (or whatever keyword you have picked).

While we are at it I also propose alternative variants using other indicators. Cameras already have smile recognition that detects the 'amount' of smile on each face (honest!). So we can alternatively trigger when a certain average or peak percentage smile (or other expression or pose) is present.

One supreme advantage of this technology is that a number of photographs can be taken without returning to the camera each time.

RattyBunyip, Jul 23 2009

Sony DSC-T200 Smile mode (Japanese video) http://www.youtube....watch?v=N1WC_00L0b0
[jutta, Jul 23 2009]

Reuters: details on the functionality. http://www.reuters....USGOR44589420070914
Only one smile; three intensity levels. [jutta, Jul 23 2009]


       Like it - can cameras really detect an amount of smile? That suggests that there's a standardised Smile rating system, going perhaps from 0-Neutral to 10-Beaming.
zen_tom, Jul 23 2009

       Looking for a compact digital camera the "identify smile" ability was indeed listed as a feature for some cameras!   

       This is the kind of thing that both Computer and Image Science has been working on for decades now. I've even heard of this effect being used to demonstrate how depressed people don't tend to register other peoples' smiles.
Aristotle, Jul 23 2009

       Currently the smile ID is used to control the auto focus target point, not (AFAIK) to trigger the picture taking. I think I read somewhere that the scale is 0-3 not 0-10 but I am sure they are improving the smile resoloution along with everything else :-( :-| :-) :-))
RattyBunyip, Jul 23 2009

       From the video clip and the reuters release, it does seem to control the timing, as well; but there doesn't seem to be a remote mode, or I'm sure they'd have used it - it would be more dramatic to see that the camera's releasing while nobody's touching it!   

       It's interesting that they're parlaying the technical limitation of only being able to analyze one face at a time into the advantage of being able to pick a "smile leader".
jutta, Jul 23 2009

       //or other expression or pose// : suppress trigger when closed eyes detected.   

shudderprose, Jul 23 2009


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